How to distinguish alaby from a German shepherd

How to distinguish alaby from a German shepherd

The term "sheep-dog" unites a set of breeds of dog which since ancient times were used for protection. Among them such breeds as the German, Central Asian, East European and Caucasian sheep-dogs are considered as the most widespread and bright representatives. Each breed has the distinctive features. For example, alaby and a German shepherd it is impossible to confuse even externally.


1. Alabay is a kind of the Central Asian sheep-dog. This breed is one of the most ancient on the planet. The first data on her were mentioned some more thousands years ago. The German shepherd is a result of selection activity of dog breeders. The first representative was officially registered in 1882.

2. Alabay and a German shepherd have absolutely different external data. The Central Asian breed differs in a massive constitution and the impressive sizes of a body. Height in withers can reach 70 cm, and weight – 80 kg. The German shepherd – is more graceful. The weight of such dog does not exceed, as a rule, 40 kg, and height in withers – 60 cm.

3. The German shepherd resembles a wolf superficially. She has same sharp ears, a muzzle, quite long paws and the tightened body. Alabay with wild relatives of dogs has nothing in common. According to external data it can be compared to other kind of sheep-dogs – Caucasian. However the main difference in this case is the short tail and more rigid type of wool.

4. Coloring of a German shepherd generally combines two colors – a black back and a light brown stomach. Seldom absolutely black representatives or owners of small white spots on a breast meet. German shepherds are sleek-haired and long-haired.

5. The color alaby can be practically any. White, black and brown representatives of breed are considered as the most widespread options. However it is quite often possible to see also multi-colored representatives whose wool is painted by spots of various shades.

6. The German shepherd is quite unpretentious in leaving. It is universal breed of dog which is used in security, office and search activity. This kind of pets most often can be seen as seeing eye dogs.

7. The main scope of application alabayev security activity is considered. Unlike German shepherds, experts recommend to get the Central Asian version mainly for contents in the conditions of the nature – private houses, sites or other open territories.

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