How to distinguish an oriental cat from the Siamese

How to distinguish an oriental cat from the Siamese

The breed of oriental cats was received by crossing Siamese and Russian blue. The experiment was successful and the new breed – Havana was born. The subsequent selection of these cats led to the fact that now there is a breed of oriental cats which carries in itself a gene Siamese, but enters into other pedigree group. Between these cats there are many distinctions.


1. Similarity of oriental and Siamese cats in character and temperament. These are very sociable animals who love the companies and family gatherings. Cats are very betrayed to the owner and some do not like to remain. But if you want to get them the company, buy a kitten of the same pedigree group. East cats the strong, dominating personalities will also suppress cats of too "soft" breeds, for example, the British. Oriental and Siamese cats "are very talkative" and have a loud voice.

2. In a form and type these breeds have much in common too. These cats of the average size, strong, graceful, without signs of excess weight. And at the same time, they have to be rather heavy. The head has the extended form, with triangular ears. The muzzle extended, a straight nose without small humps, eyes with east section, but without squint.

3. Main distinction of oriental breed from Siamese in colors. The oriental cat can have a one-color color whereas the Siamese can be only a color a color point in different color variations. But these variations are limited to cream, red, chocolate shades. The oriental cat has a one-color color: white, black, blue, lilac, brown (Havana). Cats also meet the drawing on wool. For example, a tortoise color – mix red, cream, brown. Or the drawing of a tabba which there are more than 30 types – striped, spotty, speckled, etc.

4. Pay attention to color of eyes. The real Siamese cat can have no color, except blue. At oriental different color of eyes, depending on a color is allowed. For example, at a white oriental cat of an eye can be blue, and at black – bright green. At cats of a tortoise color and tabba color of eyes the same as main color of fur is allowed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team