How to distinguish the boy's kitten from the girl

How to distinguish the boy's kitten from the girl

Cats – some of favourite pets. Who does not love these lovely, sharp-clawed, purring creatures? In the house many begin to prepare for an institution of the new pet in advance. Buy beautiful pans, balls, toy mice and a dry feed, think out a name and represent how houses after work them will be met by a lovely kitty, and someone a moustached impudent cat. How to define a sex of a kitten upon purchase?

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1. When you come to nursery or to the house where give the kid, accurately take a kitten, develop it the back to yourself, lift to it a tail and glance there. There are two openings. That opening that is higher and closer to a tail - it is an anus, below an anus there is an urinogenital opening.

2. If a female kitten, then you see from above, at once under a tail, an anus. From below an anus there is kind of a vertical opening in the form of an oblong crack.

3. At the boy's kitten approximately in centimeter below an anus small round testicles are located. They cannot be visible up to 5-10 weeks after the birth. Under testicles at boys one more opening is an opening of extreme flesh.

4. So, at a kitten boy under a tail the kitty will have two openings in the form of points, a point, and under it a vertical strip.

5. If kittens were born only recently, then it will be even easier to define their sex! The newborn girl has a distance between openings small, it is no more than 5 mm. At the boy this distance is more – about 1 cm as between an opening of an anus and extreme flesh it located a scrotum which it is not visible yet as it is empty.

6. Aged 10 days appear still distinctions and it will be possible to know a sex of a kitten on the following signs. The kitty between an anus and a sexual crack will have a part of a body without hair - bald, and at a cat this distance is covered with a hair.

7. When kittens grow, the difference between samochka and males will be more noticeable as at male kittens the testicles will grow, be rounded and become covered by a fluffy hair.

8. Happens that in sex determination of a kitten there is a mistake and your cat, growing, suddenly becomes a kitty. It happens generally to long-haired breeds and if at a kitten the testicles did not fall yet.

9. So, the boy's kitten under a tail will have two openings in the form of points, at a kitty a point, and under it a vertical strip. If in the house or nursery there are 2-3 kittens, then it will be simpler to know a sex of a kitten, by comparison.

10. Skilled holders of cats can define a sex of a kitten even in structure bodies and in a shape of a muzzle. But even they sometimes are mistaken therefore arm with the gained knowledge and safely follow the new member of household!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team