How to distinguish the Norwegian cat from others

How to distinguish the Norwegian cat from others

According to the history of emergence of breed of the Norwegian cats, her representatives are descendants of the wild forest animals living in Norway whose characteristic features were dexterity, endurance, excellent fitness to a frigid climate and also excellent hunting qualities. Today the Norwegian cat is the cultivated animal who kept all those qualities which once helped it to survive in the conditions of the wild wood.


1. The Norwegian treats large to breeds cats. The body weight of an adult cat can vary from 5 to 8 kg. The female, as a rule, has smaller weight.

2. The main distinctive feature of the Norwegian cats from representatives of other breeds is presence at them of two-layer waterproof fur. The top layer of a skin of these animals consists of soft, long, brilliant wool. And the lower layer – from the dense, doing not pass moisture, oily wool.

3. You can recognize the Norwegian cat by the dense fur on her neck forming a magnificent collar and by long hairs on the cheeks of an animal reminding a triangular beard. Long wool on hinder legs of the Norwegian cats forms "fur panties".

4. The quality and type of their wool, but not a color distinguishes the Norwegian cats from other animals. It can be any, except Siamese. Norwegians can be both two-color, and three-colored. But pay attention that an underfur at representatives of this breed, as a rule, white.

5. Body of the Norwegian cats massive, strong and flexible. The breast and shoulders are well developed. Back and waist quite strong and wide. Norwegians differ in paws powerful, roundish, heavy by sight. The tail of representatives of this breed is covered long, hanging down over back extremities, wool.

6. It is easy to distinguish the Norwegian cat on the triangular head which does not have noticeable border between a forehead and a long wide nose of an animal. Norwegians differ in a massive chin and full cheeks. Ears at these cats are widely placed, a little inclined forward, their ends are pointed and have amusing brushes. Eyes at the Norwegian cats big, round and very expressive. And their color can be any.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team