How to drain water from an aquarium

How to drain water from an aquarium

In usual conditions the owner usually changes a part of water in an aquarium. It is required under the terms of the maintenance of many species of fish. Need of full change of water arises extremely seldom - for example when it is necessary to carry out disinfection or to repair an aquarium. Frequent it is not recommended to do it as the aquarium represents the settled ecosystem which balance you should not break.

It is required to you

  • - aquarium;
  • - bucket;
  • - otsadnik;
  • - net;
  • - aerator;
  • - flexible hose;
  • - clips for a hose.


1. Gather water in an otsadnik. Use water from an aquarium as it is habitual for small fishes on temperature and the chemical composition. As an otsadnik the spare aquarium, a basin or a bucket can serve. Move there for the period of small fishes. If there is a lot of lodgers, then provide good aeration.

2. Remove whenever possible plants. If the disease of seaweed became the reason of replacement of water, you will throw out those which were and put new. Anyway remove valuable plants which can be damaged accidentally.

3. As a rule, the aquarium costs not on a floor, and on any eminence. Substitute a bucket nearby so that its top part was below an aquarium bottom. If the eminence small, is more comfortable to take the basin suitable on volume.

4. Take a hose rather flexible, but at the same time it should not form breaks. As it is necessary to use it rather often, it is better to choose its once for many years. Its length has to be at least 2.5 times more than aquarium height.

5. Fill a hose with tap water and clamp both ends. Put special clips for the ends. If they are absent near at hand, it is possible to stop up both openings just with fingers. Certainly, section has to be slightly less than the size of a finger.

6. Ship one end of a cord in an aquarium so that it appeared at the soil. It will allow to remove together with unnecessary water and dirt. Lower the second end in a basin or in a bucket and remove clips.

7. You watch that water did not overflow. As soon as the basin is filled, lift the end of a hose which is in it above water level in an aquarium. Drain water in a toilet bowl and continue the procedure until the aquarium becomes empty.

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