How to entertain a cat

How to entertain a cat

Usually cats find to themselves entertainments, these are quite independent creations. But they as well as people, can grieve and stay in bad mood, then it is necessary to distract an animal and to think up a cheerful game. Toys for pets allow cats not to lose skill and coordination of movements, normalize digestion, strengthen muscles.

It is required to you

  • - cat;
  • - ball;
  • - toy on a string;
  • - game complex;
  • - toys with cat's mint;
  • - interactive toys.


1. Make for a cat a teaser on a string or buy a ready toy in pet-shop. It can be the ringing balls, small fur toys, bright plumelets fixed on a strong rope. Tickle a nose of a cat and, representing "flight", take away a bagatelle. The pet will surely be involved in a game. But, when he will catch a toy, it will be necessary "to live" it not for long.

2. Long enough cats can run behind elastic balls and balls. They are made smooth, pimply, ringing and peeping. You will find a lack of such toy at night when the cat gets it from a secluded corner and will begin to drive with pleasure on all apartment.

3. Many cats very much love a smell of cat's mint. Therefore producers released the whole series of the toys filled with this grass. Such objects will interest the most fat and lazy cat, will force it to move pads.

4. If you are able to allocate to a cat a corner in the room, acquire the game center. It includes a lodge, a stove bench, a tunnel, a claw sharpener, the system of laths and platforms. Your cat will remain nothing else how to become active and mobile. The temptation to hide in a den on the top will be too big.

5. A specific place is held by interactive toys for cats. They consist of several details and have entertaining character. The ball running on a labyrinth for a long time will capture attention of a cat.

6. Even if all these remarkable things already bothered your pet, he can be interested in the simple self-made toy made by you. The ball for Ping-Pong with the piece of fur tied to it can become favourite entertainment of a cat.

7. For cats, not persons interested to lag behind life, created the game application on IPad. The pet will catch the small fishes swimming on the tablet screen and will feel the true getter.

8. But her owner or the hostess remains the favourite partner for games of a cat always, only from them there is a radiation of heat and love. Care for the animals, do not forget about their existence near you, and then they will please you with the enthusiasm and cheerful tricks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team