How to equip a cage for a guinea pig

How to equip a cage for a guinea pig

Guinea pigs are sociable, friendly small animals. They very much get used to the owner, and children with such pet will definitely not miss! Silent pigs, quiet and very quiet if not to allow them to miss. Before getting such small animal, he should pick up and equip the worthy dwelling in which he will feel well.

It is required to you

  • - spacious cage;
  • - drinking bowl;
  • - bowl;
  • - place for a dream;
  • - entertainment (toy);
  • - tray / convenient corner;
  • - day nursery for hay;
  • - wood shavings;
  • - rubber rugs (at will).


1. Choose a cage and its location. Refuse a wooden box as guinea pigs very much are afraid of drafts. The cage has to be not less than 90 cm x 40 cm x 38 cm in size. To pigs the horizontal space, than vertical is much more important. Cages with floors especially are not intended for these small animals. The dwelling of the pet has to stand not closer than 30 cm from a wall and 40 cm from the heater. Also in the place where there is a cage, the thermometer has to show not less than 19-20 degrees. It is the best of all if it is the place in which people often appear.

2. Fill a cage with filler from granules or sawdust. Do not put in it the paper or the newspaper at all – the pig can get poisoned! If you want, put over filler rubber rugs with holes of the suitable size. Then in a cage will be cleaner.

3. Establish a tray which you will regularly wash in a cage. It can be just the consolidation in a layer with filler located in a convenient corner. It is better if the pig itself chooses this place. For this purpose track where your pet likes to go to a toilet.

4. Hang up a drinking bowl in a cage. She has to settle down at such level that the mumps could reach it, but at the same time filler did not get to it. Water needs to be changed every day, regardless of whether the pet drank it.

5. Put a bowl. It is desirable that it was ceramic. It is pleasant to pigs when a bowl wide and small. It has to be located as it is possible further from a tray. Also establish in a corner, opposite to a toilet, a day nursery for hay.

6. Establish in a cage of a toy and entertainment besides those which you will play with the pet when he begins to run at liberty. It can be a grinding stone for teeth, a roll from toilet paper or a small box. Pigs love sacks of the same size as they are.

7. The location for a dream has to be convenient. It is better not to take lodges, then small animals will be slaughtered there and to become more closed. It can be, for example, a hammock in which to a mumps can be not only conveniently to sleep, but also to climb under it. Also it can be a soft tunnel or a convenient and soft laying.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team