How to equip a cage for rats

How to equip a cage for rats

It is known that rats are very clever animals, probably, therefore they are so popular as pets. At arrangement of housing for a new pet it is necessary to consider that rats also very mobile small animals, besides, they need the small shelter, a nest where will be absolutely hidden from eyes.

It is required to you

  • For a cage of an adult male:
  • - cage;
  • - plastic or wire "floors";
  • - linoleum;
  • - nippelevy drinking bowl;
  • - avtomaticheska feeding trough;
  • - branches, boughs;
  • - pieces of natural fabric;
  • - sawdust or paper;
  • - false bottom.


1. Get a spacious cage, its height has to be not less than eighty, and it is better than hundred centimeters, width – is not less than forty centimeters, length – from sixty centimeters, the distance between rods of a cage has to be no more than one centimeter.

2. Make 3-4 tiers, each not less than 15-20 centimeters high (in other words, such height that your rat freely could get up on hinder legs), use for this purpose plastic or a wire lattice, a grid which should be covered by all means with a piece of linoleum, otherwise the rat can injure paws. Cover with a piece of linoleum and a floor in a cage if it is wire. Connect tiers among themselves ramps and short flights of stairs.

3. Establish a false bottom, the plastic sieve located 2-3 centimeters above than the present day. Pay attention that diameter of openings has to be no more than 3 millimeters, and distance between them - about 6 millimeters, otherwise pads of rats can get stuck in them. Fill under a false bottom sawdust of deciduous breeds of trees (aspens, for example) or clean (typographical paint is poisonous!), not flavored paper.

4. Make different lazilka - short flights of stairs, ramps of roots, thick boughs, branches of an oak, a maple, a beech, a willow, a filbert and fruit trees, paper tubes with a diameter from 6 to 8 cm, ropes from coconut fibers. To strengthen for dosochka cage rods, survey platforms.

5. Equip on average or top (in a small cage – on the first) a tier a cozy small lodge: perfectly lodges will be suitable for guinea pigs, wooden boxes for nests of big parrots or, for example, the turned clay flowerpot with an opening in a wall or the sufficient sizes a cardboard box, also the lodge can be collected from plates or stones. Suspend to a cage a hammock from the dense, well passing moisture and quickly drying fabric.

6. Take a piece of fabric 25-30 centimeters long, attach tapes on corners, take the second piece of fabric 5 centimeters shorter than the first and sew them that something turned out like a sleeping bag. Attach to cage rods from outer side a nipelevy drinking bowl (the plateau or a bath with water does not suit rats). Establish metal or ceramic feeding troughs on the first tier, it is better even to attach to their rods cages, so they cannot be turned.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team