How to facilitate a techka to a cat

How to facilitate a techka to a cat

Cat with a cat it is worth knitting not earlier than her third techka. But that the animal did not suffer and did not torment you, it is necessary to know how to facilitate to a cat the techka period.

It is required to you

  • - bromine;
  • - ignation;
  • - medicine "Kot Bayun".


1. Pay to the cat special attention, iron her and play with her that it was simpler to animal to endure a stress. She has to feel well-loved by owners. During the first techka the cat itself also often does not understand what she wants and that specifically happens to it.

2. Try not to feed the cat throughout the day. She has to eat only early in the morning, and the second time – before the dream for the night. Kind of she plaintively did not ask food, do not give up, the cat has to have fasting days, and the techka period – time, favorable for them. The full animal by all means will want to sink into a sleep.

3. Do not allow an animal to sleep in the afternoon at all, otherwise you risk to listen to its loud miaow all night long. Tire her with games, having bought a toy mouse and a ball in pet-shop. Leave someone at home for all day that it could awake a cat if she nevertheless falls asleep.

4. You can give to the pet the following medicines: before going to bed drop in water the medicine "Kot Bayun". Also bromine, ignation and palladium will help. You can get all this in veterinary pharmacy. The approximate dose in 6-7 drops gets out to animal weight in 3-5 kg. The first day you can add to water bromine, in the second day – ignation, and in the third day – palladium. These medicines calm nervous and vegetative system.

5. Some owners give to the cats the tablets "Antisex" and other similar medicines, but recently they are not recommended by doctors as cause further infertility. Remember that health of an animal has to be for you above all. It will be much simpler to punish a cat for her night miaow, than to give her tablets and to worry about possible adverse effects.

6. If at a cat the time of the fourth techka began, and you not against its posterity, then at once carry it to a cat. The boyfriend for the favourite needs to be found in advance.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team