How to feed a cat after sterilization

How to feed a cat after sterilization

Sterilization – an important point in life of a cat. After operation there is a hormonal reorganization of an organism and an anesthesia many animals transfer hard. Therefore it is necessary to show consideration for a cat especially. And, of course, to reconsider the mode of its food that your favourite kept health and excellent appearance for many years.

It is required to you

  • - paste for the recovering animals;
  • - a stern for the sterilized cats.


1. Directly after operation many cats feel not too vigorously. Sometimes they feel sick, the weakness and lack of interest in the world around is observed. Veterinarians advise not to offer a cat food if she does not show to it interest, but not to limit a cat in drink.

2. In 8-10 hours after operation you can offer the alumna her favourite delicacy. If the cat started food, everything is all right. However on some animals the anesthesia makes too deep impact, and they continue to stay in a depression quite long time. Do not stop trying to feed a cat. Remember how you accustomed her to food when she still was a kitten. Buy special paste for the recovering animals – many firms making professional forages have such product. It has the increased nutritiousness and special structure which is easily eaten and acquired. Feed a cat from a hand, small portions.

3. In several days the new surprise can wait for you. The cat who quietly waited for the lunch and even left a part of a forage in a bowl, after operation can become very gluttonous. So not all animals behave, however increase in appetite at the sterilized cats is observed often.

4. If you feed the alumna with ready-made feeds, get that are specially intended for the sterilized animals. It is better if it is the stern of the checked professional brands. They have the balanced structure and the lowered caloric content. Besides, such forages promote prevention of diseases of a liver and kidneys. Alternate dry granules and canned food that the table of your alumna was rather various.

5. Do not limit a cat in drink. She always has to have an access to clear water. Regularly change water even if the animal drank very little. More carefully with fresh milk - adult cats badly transfer it, reacting indigestion. If your alumna loves milk, give it seldom and gradually. And better replace it with any fermented milk product – low-fat kefir or natural yogurt without additives.

6. Exclude from the menu of a cat fat products – sour cream, fat grades of meat and fish. Do not give it too hot dishes, smoked products and also fish or chicken with bones. Cases when animals it was necessary to operate concerning the sharp bones which got stuck in a gullet meet very often. Your alumna already underwent an operation and a repeated dose of an anesthesia to it absolutely to anything.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team