How to feed a Persian cat

How to feed a Persian cat

Cats of various breeds differ from each other in the nature, a manner of behavior and habits. Persian cats are very beautiful and graceful animals, are not choosy at all and are not whimsical in life. But their owner has to treat food of Siberians with special attention, natural power supplies are, as a rule, not available to domestic cats.


1. A Persian cat – a carnivore therefore you feed her with mainly natural products. The main cat food of this breed is meat. Beef with streaks is most of all useful. Give it to the fluffy favourite daily on the 70-100th in a chopped look. Choose mutton for a Persian cat only young and low-fat. You can give both beef, and mutton to the pet both in crude, and in a boiled look. Crude meat perfectly develops jaws of an animal. And here rabbit flesh before feeding with it a cat, weld and clean from bones. The Persian cat is not recommended to give pork.

2. Give meat of chicken to a Persian cat only in the boiled or baked look, having carefully removed all bones with which keen edges the animal can wound a stomach. Especially Persian cats love chicken necks which eating promotes removal of a scale. The turkey can be given to the pet in the raw. You do not feed a cat with fat meat of a goose and duck.

3. Include in a food allowance of your Persian cat and an offal: the boiled heart cleaned from fat, boiled beef or mutton kidneys, lungs. The liver is very useful to Persian cats. In the raw it affects an animal as laxative, the boiled liver, on the contrary, fixes. You feed an animal with an offal not more often than 1 time a week.

4. Feeding of Persian cats crude fish can lead to disorder of digestion and a growth inhibition. From frequent consumption of crude fish they spoil wool and dandruff develops. You can include boiled low-fat fish in a food allowance of the Siberian. You do not feed with a sprat, a mackerel and a sprat of the favourite.

5. Crude eggs in an organism of a Persian cat are acquired very badly. And consumption of crude egg white can lead to dermatitis and loss of wool at all. The boiled yolk rich with various vitamins and minerals, add to the main food of an animal once a week.

6. As additive to the main food of a Persian cat use bean cultures: peas, soy, lentil, haricot. They are rich with vegetable protein and are perfectly acquired by an animal organism.

7. Daily give to a Persian cat not less than 2 teaspoons of vegetable puree. You feed with dairy and fermented milk products the Siberian as seldom as possible to avoid emergence at an animal diarrhea and kolik.

8. For clarification of a stomach of a Persian cat from wool surely add greens to its main food: parsley, fennel, sheet salad.

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