How to feed a puppy

How to feed a puppy

If you had a puppy, perhaps, you found him on the street, then your first desire will be – to feed the kid. It, of course very laudable also does you credit, but as the dog is still small, to give it that forage which would be suitable for the person or an adult dog it is impossible. It is necessary to feed the kid correctly not to do much harm to him.


1. If the puppy appeared in the house accidentally, then a question what forage to give it – dry or natural, do not cost. In your opportunities only to give it what is in your kitchen. At the same time any sausage, sausages and, especially, something raw smoked, it cannot give. If the puppy still absolutely the baby, and age him obviously does not exceed two months, then give it only milk food.

2. At once exclude both crude ham and other parts of broilers – them feed from poultry farm with hormones and different chemistry. As a last resort, you can use only broth from such chicken which can make the Oat-flakes oat flakes. If they are absent, then cook porridge on this broth. Remember that before giving to a puppy the cooked food, it needs to be cooled that it was only warm.

3. Boiled pieces of a bird or rabbit with tubular bones cannot also be given to a dog – the keen edges cracked by her stones can injure a gullet and a stomach. From meat it is possible for him crude or boiled beef, and here fish – only boiled and only sea, without bones. It is better not to give anything firm if the puppy is more than 4 months old and he cuts constant teeth.

4. From dairy it can give practically everything – milk, cottage cheese, kefir. And here cheese, especially firm and sharp grades is contraindicated to dogs. Even if you are overflowed by feelings and you for it grudge nothing, do not give to a puppy any candies and other sweets, white rolls, cakes and cakes.

5. It is fine if there are in the fridge vegetables. They can be given in any kind – crude, boiled and stewed. Fruit, even a citrus if the puppy wants, then give.

6. And, please, do not overfeed him. If he got to you from the street and was half-starved, then it is necessary to give food to him a little, within 100-150 g. Even if he will insist, show endurance and feed him only through two-three of hours again. And here give waters to him fresh and in plenty.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team