How to feed a puppy aged from one month

How to feed a puppy aged from one month

To like a puppy it not just to provide him the place, to feed him and to play with it. It is necessary to look after a puppy, so, including and to care carefully for his diet. If you want your doggie to grow up in a healthy, cheerful and strong dog, watch with what you feed him how many food you give also behind the number of feedings.

It is required to you

  • Consultation of the veterinarian
  • Artificial dog milk
  • Dry feed for puppies
  • Natural puppy food


1. What does he eat? The first three-four weeks puppies as children, eat only maternal milk. From 3.5 weeks it is possible to begin to transfer a puppy to a dry feed. There is it so: you, together with your veterinarian, choose the brand of food which in your general opinion will suit a puppy and, in a consequence, an adult dog. From a line of forages of this brand, you buy special puppy food, and also substitute of dog milk. At first the puppy needs to offer liquid food therefore it is necessary to add 350 milliliters of milk on each 2 cups of a forage. Mix a forage with milk in the mixer and you feed a puppy. For the first time let's it pinch a little forage from your finger. As soon as he makes it, bring a finger to a bowl that he understood from where this food undertook. Within four weeks gradually reduce amount of milk in a stern. By eighth week the puppy has to pass to a dry feed completely. Do not forget that now it needs not only food, but also water. If you do not plan to feed a dog with a dry feed, then transition from maternal milk to other food will be slightly more difficult. Up to three months give to a puppy the oat or buckwheat cereal ground in powder which is stirred up by hot milk, kaltsirovanny home-made cottage cheese, boiled ground meat, pyurirovanny vegetables and fruit. Once a week add a boiled egg yolk to this diet. From three to six months you feed a puppy with the presents welded on milk porridges, cottage cheese ground by boiled meat and give once a week not only an egg yolk, but also a crude hryashchik from brisket. Instead of fruit and vegetable puree, begin to offer a dog pieces of vegetables and fruit. From half a year increase only quantity of food and a break between feeding. Since one and a half years it is possible to give to a dog crude forcemeat or small cut crude meat, time a week crude fish and crude eggs. For a puppy apples, pears, grapefruits, oranges and bananas are considered as the best fruit. You watch that in pieces of fruit seeds did not come across, they are toxic for little dogs. The best vegetables for dogs it is carrots, broccoli, cabbage, cucumbers, a celery, squash and spinach. Add to puppy food olive or sesame oil, on one tablespoon a day, for improvement of a state and appearance of leather and fur. Once a week season its food with parsley and a ground dried carnation. The diet of the dog who is on natural food has to consist for 75% from animal products - meat, cottage cheese, milk, yogurt, eggs. All products of plant origin – fruit, vegetables, grain fall on the remained 25%.

2. How many does he eat? There are different formulas of calculation of the total weight of a forage for a puppy. Someone considers in percentage from the current weight of a dog. Someone suggests to calculate, making a start from the estimated weight of an adult dog. Others calculate forage caloric content. In fact, all these formulas yield very approximate result. The fact is that the correct diet can be picked up, only considering dog breed, its size and weight, frame, average daily activity, tendency to obesity and on what forage it will feed. Best of all in this question to trust in the veterinarian as it is about future health of your pet.

3. How often does he eat? From 6 to 8 weeks you feed a puppy in the small portions on 5-6 times a day. From 8 weeks to 16 weeks reduce feedings to 4-5 times a day. From 16 weeks about half a year the number of feedings is gradually reduced to 3-4 times a day. From 6 to 9 months the puppy has to eat no more than three times a day. From 9 months the dog gradually switches over to an adult diet. She begins to eat twice a day.

4. Be especially attentive to the pet during the period from 3 to 6 months. At this time it will cut teeth and as any child, it can be whimsical, with small appetite and a little angry.

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