How to feed a puppy of a bullmastiff

How to feed a puppy of a bullmastiff

Feeding of a puppy of a bullmastiff has no fundamental differences from feeding of puppies of other dogs. However the bullmastiff has to have an excellent preparation for service therefore he needs to be fed after all so that muscles of future "red-tape-monger" were in perfect tune.


1. Prepare for a puppy two bowls (for a forage and for water) and fix them on a support that the kid did not stoop in the course of food. Otherwise at an adult dog the backbone will not is bent, but also forepaws are weakened. It will be best of all if you make a special rack for bowls gradually to lift bowls as the puppy grows.

2. Water in a bowl needs to be changed after each feeding, and to feed a puppy – not less than 3 times a day. The total amount of feedings pays off, depending on age of a puppy and mass of his body: about half a year – 6-7% of the body weight of a puppy, of half a year about one year – 3-4%.

3. It is possible to feed a little bullmastiff with dry feeds, and it is possible also natural. If you were going to feed a puppy with natural sterns, surely buy special vitamins and minerals that it did not need them in a vetapteka.

4. Up to 3-4 months the puppy cannot give crude meat pieces. Cook meat and scroll it via the meat grinder, and on broth prepare a squash (any, except pea that did not swell out the kid). Besides, it is possible to add vegetables and fruit to a squash (crude, but small chopped), egg white, fish or bird's forcemeat, etc. Milk and dairy products should be given separately.

5. From 3 months you can already begin to give to a puppy of a stone: at first soft (the boiled-down hryashchik), then – usual. Stones should be given "for a dessert" as it, first, will promote digestion of the kid, and secondly, will add the calcium and phosphorus useful to growth to his diet.

6. In 6 months of a puppy it is possible to feed already 2 times a day. Give it as much as possible proteinaceous products, but do not forget also about porridges. During this period (about one year) it is necessary to increase quantity of raw vegetables in a diet of a dog and also, having consulted to the veterinarian, to give it tablets for increase in immunity.

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