How to feed a puppy of a Yorkshire terrier

How to feed a puppy of a Yorkshire terrier

Adult individuals of Yorkshire terriers are very similar to toy doggies – small and very nice. Probably, therefore glamourous girls carry them themselves on hands and in handbags. About puppies and there is nothing to speak – it seems that it is a soft toy. But it not so, approach to education and feeding of such doggie has to be twice more serious, than to food of dogs of the usual size. The correct feeding – guarantee of health of a dog and her great appearance.


1. Buying a puppy of a Yorkshire terrier, in detail ask the manufacturer as well as what the kid ate and what mode of this food was. In the first 3-4 weeks adhere to those recommendations and that food allowance to which the manufacturer followed.

2. After the puppy is 3 months old, do him the second vaccination and begin to transfer him to other food. If you on the advice of your veterinarian decided to feed him with a dry feed of industrial production, then use only the forage intended for puppies. You feed him three times a day and do not leave food in a bowl if he did not eat up the portion.

3. Observe a diet and you feed a dog at the same time. Adhere to norms of food, they are designed for dogs of certain age. The bowl with water has to be at the same time always full. Change its contents several times a day.

4. In case you decided to feed a puppy with natural products, you should work that the menu was varied and balanced for your small dog. All products have to be ideally fresh and it is necessary to give them on strictly calculated norms. If at the age of 3 months you began to transfer a dog to a new forage, make it gradually, within 10-14 days, replacing an old forage with new products.

5. The puppy can only give meat boiled, it can be: rabbit, turkey, chicken, beef or mutton. From grain – give preference to boiled rice and buckwheat. From dairy products it is better for puppy to offer: kefir, fermented baked milk and curdled milk. Cottage cheese is obligatory in the menu. It needs to be parted with kefir to a condition of liquid sour cream and to knead a fork that it was easier for puppy to swallow.

6. The weight of one portion of food should not exceed norms – 1 tablespoon with the hill of a forage on half a kilo of its weight. If it weighs 1 kg, then its portion – 2 tablespoons of a forage. After 3 months the portion of fermented baked milk or kefir is not considered full feeding any more and has to be complemented with other food.

7. In a diet of a puppy there have to be not less than 50% of meat. It can also give boiled vegetables, but about half a year their quantity should not exceed 1 tablespoon a day. After half a year in the menu raw vegetables have to appear. Avoid to give it fat, sweet, strongly salty or fried food and exclude delicious products: candies, red fish, caviar, hard cheeses – for the kid it is junk and heavy food.

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