How to feed Asians

How to feed Asians

The Central Asian sheep-dog, alabay - a dog unpretentious in food, but during growing and growth the puppies have to gain together with a forage all developments, necessary for them, vitamins and minerals that the skeleton of a dog was created correctly. It is necessary to feed Asians taking into account features of this breed.


1. You feed puppies on the special support regulated in process of growth, at meal time it should not keep the head in inclined situation. The bowl for water has to be always filled with fresh liquid. Do not leave sterns after a meal, he needs to be moved away before the following feeding.

2. If you decided to feed alaby with a dry feed, then choose a class a superpremium, here the quality directly depends on the price. Before giving a forage to a puppy, it needs to be soaked in water.

3. Up to three months of dogs feed 5-6 times a day. Various porridges, bread will be a basis of a diet. It is possible to feed with tired compound feed and to give it slightly warm. About 5-6 weeks begin to give ground beef, in the first feeding will be 1 teaspoon enough. By the end of the sixth week its portion has to make one and a half tablespoons. Within a week the puppy has to receive up to three liters of milk, 1 kilogram of cottage cheese and 2 eggs. The shell of eggs can be pounded in a mortar and begins to add to food – at puppies the intensive growth of bones and calcium to them is vital.

4. After one and a half months begin to give chicken pads, having chopped off previously claws. The pad can be split into 2-3 parts too. There will be 2-3 pads a day enough. In the same quantity it is possible to give also the chicken heads with the chopped-off beaks which are slightly beaten off by the axe.

5. After two months of amount of the meat received by a puppy it has to be increased. Chicken paws and the heads it is already possible not to cut and not to chop off claws and beaks. Tubular bones of a bird and costal pork and mutton bones cannot be given – keen edges can injure intestines of a dog. Add crude beef, pork and mutton cartilaginous bones, sheaves to a diet. It is already better to give them at the end of feeding that the puppy gnawed them slowly. Do not forget to add boiled vegetables to food. By 9 months the volume of crude meat in a diet has to be about 0.5 kilograms. Accustom a puppy since childhood there are vegetables, greens and fruit.

6. After 4 months and before half a year of puppies you feed 4 times a day, about one year – 3 times, up to three years – 2 times a day. After three years pass to one-time feeding. Once a week, especially in warm season, it is useful for dog to arrange fasting day without food, but consult previously with the veterinarian.

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