How to feed baby birds of parrots

How to feed baby birds of parrots

The female of a parrot feeds the newborn baby birds with a goitrous milk. A supporter of the female in the first days of life of kids, as a rule, is the parrot dad. Sometimes young females of parrots refuse to feed the cubs with a milk. In this case care of kids completely falls on their owners.


1. It is necessary to feed newborn baby birds each 2-3 hours from 6 in the morning to 11 in the evening. At night kids have to sleep. Make the liquid semolina or wheat porridge cooked on milk for feeding of baby birds of parrots. Add to it a little sugar, the dried-up shell of eggs istolchenny in powder, and cod-liver oil (1 droplet on a porridge teaspoon).

2. The first 3-4 days of life of baby birds it is better to feed them from the ordinary medical syringe, naturally, without needle. One cub has enough 3-5 ml of porridge on one feeding.

3. It is not obligatory to Dopaivat baby birds water in the first days of their life, porridge which they eat, contains enough liquid. Though sometimes it is possible and to indulge kids with fruit or vegetable juice.

4. Further begin to accustom kids to feeding from a usual teaspoon. At first baby birds, as a rule, take porridge from a spoon pretty reluctantly. But having got used to such way of feeding, they begin to open a mouth at the sight of a spoon.

5. You do not hurry to transfer baby birds of parrots to a grain forage. It is recommended to do it only when kids independently learn to sit on a finger of the owner.

6. It is necessary to accustom little parrots to a grain forage gradually. For this purpose you cook the acquaintance for them porridge more dense. When baby birds get used to such forage and will learn to eat thick porridge independently, begin to pour a small amount of grain mix in their feeding trough. Thus parrots will gradually get used to grain, food peculiar to these birds. Remember that at transfer of baby birds of parrots to a grain forage at a cage near a feeding trough surely there has to be a cup with water.

7. Surely put on a cage bottom with baby birds of parrots the jar filled with a mineral forage. It is necessary for kids for the correct development and growth of their skeleton. As mineral additive use the shell of eggs pounded in powder.

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