How to feed fishes

How to feed fishes

If you wanted to buy an aquarium and to get small fishes, then have to know surely how it is correct to feed them, the wrong actions can lead to a disease or death of your pets and to cause troubles to all family.


1. Be defined what species of fish you will buy, and learn in shop what forages they like to eat. If you have absolutely little small fishes, then for them it is necessary to buy a forage which is intended for whitebaits, otherwise they will not be able to eat a usual forage.

2. Buy the necessary forage in pet-shop.

3. Wash hands, wipe a towel before drying and open a package of a forage. If you use the fresh frozen forage, then previously defreeze it do not freeze any more.

4. Lift an aquarium cover (if it is).

5. Not strongly knock on an aquarium wall to cause in fishes an instinct "sound food".

6. When small fishes understood that you will feed them and swam to top, take a forage (one pinch on 6 - 10 small fishes).

7. Pour out a forage in water or fill in a feeding trough if it is in an aquarium.

8. It is necessary to feed fishes 1-2 times a day. If to feed more often or to give a lot of forage, they can die.

9. After feeding surely check whether the filter and the compressor is switched on. It is necessary for water purification from leftovers and in order that fishes could breathe freely.

10. Do not allow pets to eat before replacement of water in an aquarium, feed them right after replacement better. So it will be easier for fishes to transfer change of living conditions.

11. It is impossible to feed fishes with bread, cookies and something another, except a special forage.

12. Do not forget to feed them every day.

13. Do not fill a forage for emergency. Fishes do not feel satiety and will eat to is silent a time, not to end a forage yet.

14. Do not use sterns on expiry date, especially it concerns the fresh frozen forages.

15. You do not keep a dry feed in the damp place. If it became wet, do not feed with it the pets, and buy another. Following this simple instruction, you will provide good and long life to the aquarium fishes, and yourself and the family – excellent mood.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team