How to feed from a finger

How to feed from a finger

If you got a hamster or a guinea pig at home, the first desire often happens to take an animal on hands, to iron and feed gently only from a palm. But here small, frightened of a new situation, the similar behavior can be pleasant to a small animal not really. How to accustom the kid to hands and to make so that he got used without fear and nervousness to take food from your finger? Follow advice.

It is required to you

  • - nuts;
  • - fruit;
  • - patience stock.


1. The first days after you brought a hamster or a pig from shop, you should not annoy especially them the importunate attention and to try to stroke or caress. The animal has a huge stress, being in the unusual place. Let's the new inhabitant accustom with the house and to get used to unusual sounds and smells. But also you should not delay with domestication too. If you do not take long time for hands of a hamster, he will grow wildish and every time when you want to stroke it will begin to be frightened or to wear on the apartment.

2. Especially timid rodents can sit out in the lodges till several weeks before they venture to get out of the shelter in the afternoon and to get acquainted with the owners. Try to accelerate this process, having offered a hamster a treat. If the kid is afraid to take him from your hands so far, there is nothing terrible in it. You can just put berry or nut on a floor of a cage and to wait a little bit. Over time, when the hamster will grow bolder so that he will leave a lodge even then when your hand is in a cage, it will be possible to stroke it carefully. Your task is to accustom the kid to a smell of the hands that it ceased them are afraid and perceived as something, self-evident.

3. Now it is possible to complicate an experiment and to put a treat near the fingers. If the hamster is not afraid and quietly takes nuts or dried fruits from a floor when your palm lies absolutely nearby – it is possible safely to begin to treat him from hands. Just put a small piece on the extended forefinger and stretch to the baby. Even if at first he will treat watchfully this procedure, then will get used soon and will be able to take food and a treat from your finger fearlessly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team