How to feed German shepherds

How to feed German shepherds

Bringing the pet, it is necessary to learn about features of breed, about specifics of feeding and development, about character, behavior. It is necessary to feed German shepherds, using the acquired knowledge, and then the favourite will thank the owner activity and longevity!


1. Guarantee of good health, longevity, healthy teeth and normal physical activity is the healthy nutrition. How the owner will feed a German shepherd, not only her health, but also a set of other aspects depends. It is not difficult to follow rules of feeding of sheep-dogs. It is necessary to choose food type, relying on individual needs of the pet: the nutrition during pregnancy, growth and aging has to be healthy. Accurately think over the power supply circuit which will include all necessary vitamins and minerals and also products, just useful to dogs.

2. Each dog breeder knows that there is no correct answer to a question "that it is better: a dry feed or independently cooked food?". Advantages are also in a dry feed, and in usual human food. The forage is good the fact that it includes components, necessary for health of a dog (it is about a qualitative forage). The ideal decision will alternate both types of feeding – a forage and animal food will ideally supplement each other. It should be noted that really quality dog food should be bought only in large pet-shops and veterinary clinics – only there it is possible to find a forage super - a premium class.

3. The forage also has several appointments – one look is directed to wool improvement, another – to normalization of work of a stomach, etc. Therefore the owner should buy a forage which it will be best to correspond to needs of a German shepherd.

4. It is very useful to feed German shepherds with animal food. Huge advantage before sterns is the high percent of content of nutrients. From shortcomings it should be noted only that it is extremely difficult to balance animal food, also this type of food demands efforts of the owner. Have to enter a diet of a dog: meat, fish, bones, eggs, milk, cottage cheese, etc. For prevention of emergence of a scale in German shepherds it is necessary to give to a dog fresh tomatoes and other vegetables. The healthy, cooked by the owner food – ideal option of dog food.

5. Thus, we found out that food of German shepherds demands serious approach of the owner. It is necessary to feed the pet several times a day, ideally – in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. At conscientious attitude to the pet, he, in turn, will thank the reliability, protection and fidelity.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team