How to feed krasnoukhy turtles

How to feed krasnoukhy turtles

Krasnoukhy turtles eat mainly a forage of animal origin, but also with pleasure absorb also combined. It is necessary to buy the forage intended for cool animals though they and eat dog food and cats with pleasure, but in it there are much more calories, than it is necessary. Sometimes it is possible to release in an aquarium of small live small fishes which they will eat further. At a terrarium there have to be seaweed, otherwise to a turtle will be uncomfortable.


1. Before feeding if the forage was in the fridge, it needs to be warmed to room temperature.

2. Give to a turtle of sterns in the way, habitual for it. Some well take from hands, pieces of a forage give others from tweezers or throw into water.

3. As soon as the turtle gorged on, usually she needs about 30 minutes, remove the remains of a forage from a terrarium. If not to make it, then water very quickly begins to vanish and it should be changed for fresh.

4. In certain cases, the turtle comes to eat sushi to islands. If her to accustom to eat food on the land, then problems with change of water will not be. When food pieces do not get to water, it needs to be changed seldom.

5. Some fans of cool animals drive the pets in "restaurant". For this purpose gather water, temperature, habitual for a turtle, in a basin. Then accurately move an animal and feed it then send back to a terrarium. It becomes to keep purity in the place of constant dwelling of a turtle.

6. Young turtles are fed once a day, and what is more senior than times in 2-3 days. Food needs to be given various, animal and plant origin. Meat and fish have to be low-fat grades. It is possible to add complex vitamin supplements to food

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