How to feed krolchat

How to feed krolchat

Health and growth krolchat directly depends on doe-rabbit mother food during their chest feeding. If the animal received less something, then it will shortly affect also his posterity. Three-week the krolchat are already ready to eat together with mother, however cannot still do without her milk. The most difficult period begins during an issue otsazhivaniye from a doe-rabbit. During this period some kids can get sick and even to die. Therefore it is necessary to approach a question of feeding extremely seriously.

It is required to you

  • Hay from a lucerne, mix from the concentrated forage and also sterns which kids ate when lived together with a doe-rabbit.


1. Right after that as you brought krolchat, take care of availability of water and food. It is better to give them Sena from a lucerne or a little mix from the concentrated forage.

2. Remember that the first two weeks of the krolchat strongly miss the house therefore at once you should not transfer them to other food. Take a little forage which he gave them from the manufacturer. Further every day add to it that forage to which you would like to transfer small animals. Gradually increase quantity of a new forage. Thus, to the termination of the second week you will be able to pass to it completely.

3. As soon as you noticed that you the krolchat began to eat well and feel much better, it is possible to enter into their diet and other fertilizing. It is possible to add a St. John's wort, a camomile, chicory, a yarrow and even a burdock to hay. Besides, straw, juicy, moist and mineral additives will become fine addition to the main forage. If the diet of rabbits becomes various and they will always have enough food, then their growth considerably will accelerate.

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