How to feed lizards

How to feed lizards

In the nature there are more than 4 thousand species of lizards. At each look the area and, of course, an individual diet. To feed a lizard in the conditions of a terrarium, it is necessary to observe the recommendations of professionals. Then the animal will well feel and please the owners.

It is required to you

  • Tweezers, vitamins, forage.


1. Carefully choose a forage for a lizard. These Amphibia are carnivorous and herbivorous. There are types which eat both that, and another. The majority of medium-sized lizards eat live crickets, cockroaches and a locust. But such representatives as a striped gecko, rakadaktilusa and Ulikovsky's geckoes with pleasure absorb bananas. Carnivorous lizards have no reaction to a lifeless forage. Of course, over time reptiles can adapt and eat dead insects. Give food to lizards by means of long tweezers.

2. Consider biorhythms of your ward. For example, day species of geckoes it is necessary to feed after their night warming up. Night types prefer to eat food after sunset. Surely you feed your reptile according to age. Young lizards need to be fed daily, to give digestible food. Serve to more mature individuals food every other day.

3. You feed a lizard in the small portions. The average volume of a day diet includes up to 5 worms a day. Remember that newborn small lizards very often refuse food. Therefore professionals advise to cover a mouth of the newborn with the crushed larva of an otlinyavshy cockchafer. Then the kid will begin to eat independently.

4. Do not overfeed reptiles at all. They begin to otrygivat excess food that leads to violation of digestive processes. But it comes not only from the use of excessive quantity of food. Digestion at them depends on the ambient temperature when to them it is cold, they also otrygivat food because cannot digest it. Sometimes the animal even perishes.

5. Surely include vitamins and minerals in a diet of your pet. Usually they are added, strewing with them insects before feeding. Consult on this subject the seller in pet-shop or veterinary pharmacy. Remember that the nutrition of your lizard has to be good.

6. Be extremely careful if you pick up a gecko. Its thin skin very gentle and easily is torn. Care for a terrarium in which there lives your lizard. Its volume should not exceed 100 l for couple of these reptiles since they live in the nature big colonies, and each individual protects and controls the site. Maintain humidity in a terrarium, spraying it with water to two times a day. Do not forget to watch soil. It can consist of gravel, coconut flakes, peat. Besides, it has to be slightly damp. Maintain daytime temperature in a terrarium about 28-35 degrees, and night – is 5-8 degrees lower. Then digestion at your wards will correctly take place, and you will be able to observe a set of interesting moments of life of these animals.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team