How to feed rabbits

How to feed rabbits

Rabbits very pleasant and nice animals. Maintenance and care for them will bring you a lot of pleasure, but as well as any animal, rabbits have the character and habits. Normal activity of an organism of a rabbit, his growth and development on a straight line depends on its food. Up to 2-3 week age the rabbits eat only mother's milk. As soon as they stop being with mother, krolchat feed 4 times a day, gradually passing to three meals a day. What to feed rabbits with?


1. Water one of the most important ingredients in a food allowance. Because of insufficient amount of liquid, rabbits badly digest food. In summertime of year the need for water is reduced. Carrots, beet, watermelon, cucumbers are products rich with liquid.

2. A green forage – the grass, fresh escapes, leaves, are necessary for rabbits from spring to the late fall. The set of herbs are more various, the better they eat it. The dandelion, a plantain, a burdock, a sorrel, a clover and other wild-growing herbs are a favourite dish for rabbits. Serves as excellent addition to a diet of a rabbit fresh branches of deciduous breeds.

3. Hay, surely has to be present at a food allowance at any time. The little rabbit is recommended to feed with lucerne hay, gradually entering hay from herbs.

4. Vegetables, also occupy the most part in a food allowance. Since 12 week age, vegetables enter gradually, watching each reaction to avoid disorder of digestion. The recommended vegetables: carrots, broccoli, cucumber. It is not recommended to give cabbage, haricot, tomato, a rhubarb.

5. Stern. As they are very much kaloriyna, you should not be fond of them in food. Otherwise it can lead to obesity, problems with digestion will begin. The forage of high quality has to contain 20-25% of fibers, 14% of vegetable protein and no more than 1% of calcium.

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