How to feed small fishes of the guppy

How to feed small fishes of the guppy

Guppies are the most widespread type of aquarium fishes. They possess a beautiful coloring, differ in friendliness and unpretentiousness. Therefore many bring them.

It is necessary to feed the guppy 3 times a day. If the aquarian has an opportunity to do it more often then it is possible to give them food every 3-4 hour. But it is necessary to use a small amount of a forage. The regular and fractional diet highly will affect posterity and life expectancy of small fishes.

Food of the guppy has to be balanced. Then small fishes will often not be ill. A basis of their diet have to make living organisms: cranks, trubochnik, water fleas, koretra and artmeiya. Small fishes can also give small cut fillet of squids and river fishes. They willingly eat such food, however in cold season it can become inaccessible. Therefore it is necessary to think in advance of it, having frozen a forage in necessary quantity or having begun to grow up it in house conditions.

The diet of the guppy has to include a vegetable forage. It should be given in a small amount every day. Parsley, a sea cabbage, spinach, lettuce leaves can act as it. Before giving such forage of the guppy, scald it boiled water and crush. Feed up small fishes slightly razvarenny grain. Perfectly semolina and ground oat-flakes will approach. It is possible to give the guppy 2-3 times a week bread, liverwurst, cottage cheese. Low-fat hard cheeses will be suitable for feeding. They need to be rubbed previously. Refuse use of dry feeds as a basis for food of the guppy. Give them only in a small amount. Surely dry feeds have to be high-quality and have a long expiration date, then they will not do much harm to health of the guppy. The balanced food cannot provide small fishes with all necessary vitamins. Therefore they need to be entered into a diet. To support health of the guppy, use oil solutions of vitamins E, A, D. They are added in a small amount (4-5 drops) to a dry feed and carefully mix up. The term of their storage is 3 days. Except them use cod-liver oil. It needs to be added on 2-3 drops to cottage cheese or liverwurst. You do not feed small fishes every day with the same food. The various diet is necessary for them. Food has to be surely freshen also crushed. Having organized the balanced food and having entered vitamins into a diet, it will be possible to provide the guppy comfortable stay in an aquarium. For it they will please you with the bright appearance and health and also beautiful and numerous posterity.

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