How to feed snails

How to feed snails

It is rather simple to support snails – they eat all fresh and natural products, and in particular love greens. Also water is necessary for snails in a large number, they need to be watered almost like flowers. It is impossible to feed a snail with food from a human table, from it at it digestion can deteriorate.


1. Snails are fed in the evening or is closer by the night as these animals are most active at night. If not to change food to snails, and only to enclose new, then they can begin to eat excrements. It is harmful therefore each two days remove the remains of activity of snails and also food which became stale and was spoiled.

2. What it is impossible to feed a snail at all with? Everything that is preparing for a human table. Salt is very dangerous to a snail, also all is impossible for it sweet, fried, sharp, smoked and marinated. Only crude and fresh food.

3. Fruit and berries – one of the most well-loved by snails of types of food. Anything will go: apples and pears, strawberry, bilberry, wild strawberry bananas, pineapples, peaches and nectarines, apricots, melons, watermelons, grapes and other fruit and berries.

4. Fresh vegetables – food which snails most often eat under natural conditions. Especially they love cucumbers because of a large amount of liquid in them and also tomatoes, all species of cabbage, corn, pumpkins and squash, carrot, various bean: haricot, peas, beans.

5. Calcium is necessary for snails for maintenance in the necessary form of an armor. To provide them the pet, give him a ground egg shell, chalk, shell rock. Very well snails suit the calcium bars renominated for parrots. One bar is enough for a snail approximately for three months.

6. Any snail at all times day will be glad to the greens offered to a table. Salads and parsley, fennel, a celery and spinach and also leaves of grapes of a dandelion and plantain – all this favourite delicacies for snails.

7. When to feed a snail and how there is a lot of food it to give? On this question there is no definite answer. Snails which there is a lot of and often feed, quickly grow. They will continue to increase in sizes until the aquarium to them becomes small, then the snail will cease to eat much. If to buy the pet a new aquarium, the snail can grow even more, it depends on breed. Some snails reach several kilograms of weight.

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