How to fill an aquarium with water

How to fill an aquarium with water

The aquarium can become fine decoration of an interior. But it is necessary to remember that the aquarium is not a picture and behind it full leaving is required. Besides, it needs to be started correctly.

How to fill an aquarium with waterBefore filling an aquarium with water, it needs to be washed out. Further it is necessary to fill up the washed-out soil on an aquarium bottom. If, soil not purchased, and is collected by own hands outdoors, then it needs to be boiled. It is desirable to lay soil under an inclination so that at a back wall of an aquarium it was slightly more.

After soil is laid (substrate for plants) the aquarium is filled in on 5-10 cm with water, depending on its volume. Water not necessarily has to be boiled, but if you have a household filter, then it is desirable to use it. At the same time the filled-in water has to be cool as it contains the minimum quantity of bleaching powder and other chemicals. Not to damage the laid soil, on a bottom of an aquarium it is necessary to put a saucer upside down and to pour water on it a squirt.

Further we start design of an aquarium – we stack stones, snags, sculptures, we plant plants. When registration is finished, we add water up to the end on too saucer. It is necessary to fill an aquarium to 5 cm from edge.

Optimum temperature of the water which is filled in in an aquarium for the most popular small fishes should not exceed 28 degrees.

Start of an aquariumIt is impossible to start small fishes in an aquarium right after its filling. Between these processes has to pass not less than a week, and two weeks are better. If you in an aquarium have no living plants, then this term has to be about a month. It is necessary in order that in water microorganisms, necessary for normal activity of fishes, were got. At start of fishes of other organisms (snails, shrimps, crabs) it is necessary to consider temperature condition, optimum for them. Remembering that water was filled in cool, for thermophilic fishes it needs to be warmed up the special aquarian heater. At the same time for the fishes loving cool water – it is not required to cool it specially.

Condition of waterThe aquarian always has to watch a condition of water in an aquarium – behind its general hydrochemistry and especially behind content of oxygen in it. All indicators of water, including its temperature, have to conform to requirements of the organisms which are in it. At the same time for maintenance of optimum indicators of water water in an aquarium is required to be changed periodically both partially, and completely, depending on its volume. Also any aquarium needs the filter.

Indicators of aquarian hydrochemistry – oxidability, rigidity, concentration of oxygen, carbon dioxide, ammonia, ions of ammonium, nitrates and nitrates.

If it is correct to pour water in an aquarium, it is correct to start it and to control a condition of water in it, then it will serve for many years.

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