How to find a dog

How to find a dog

The most sad opening in life of the beginning dog breeder can be the fact that dogs run away. What ideal endurance it would not have what well-mannered was not, explosion of a petard on New Year's Eve that the dog broke from a lead suffices and escaped.


1. As a rule, neither appeals, nor delicacies in this case help - the animal is too frightened to understand you. Not to waste time, bypass the area, pass across places where usually you walk. Perhaps, the dog hid in one of them.

2. If the first search did not help, begin to develop vigorous activity. Print out photos of a dog and the small accompanying text, stick announcements on the area. In the text of the announcement the nickname of a dog, breed, a sex, age, a color, information on where and when the dog escaped have to be specified.

3. Ring round the acquaintances living near you. Perhaps, someone from them saw your dog.

4. If a dog thoroughbred, ring round all nurseries in the city which are known to you. Perhaps, the dog was found and transferred to one of them.

5. Address on forums or communities. Create a subject, publish the photo of a dog and the small text. Surely specify the area of search.

6. Visit the nearest veterinary clinics. Perhaps, something happened to your fugitive, and kind people brought her to doctors.

7. Ring round dog shelters. Sometimes the escaped dogs get there.

8. To the next day off go on poultry market. Cases when the dog is stolen that then it is favorable to sell are frequent.

9. Also the appeal to militia will be useful. Remember that under the law your dog is your personal property. Law enforcement officers are obliged to make efforts to find your pet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team