How to find ""bride"" for knitting of a German shepherd

How to find ""bride"" for knitting of a German shepherd

If you the responsible and conscientious owner of a thoroughbred dog, already at an acquisition phase of a puppy you have to know that from time to time an animal it will be necessary to knit. It is necessary also for breeding work, and for the dog, still nobody cancelled a reproduction instinct. If you have a dog of a German shepherd, by two years he can become quite enviable groom, and you will need to resolve an issue with the bride for it.

Where to find the suitable bride

Actually you as the dog owner, you can only offer it as the producer – future fathers for puppies choose owners a bough which are interested that puppies were and are well-born, and are healthy. When you have a German shepherd from a quite good family tree, your chances considerably will increase if you participate with the pet in exhibitions, and he will already have some medals.

For a start you can address in the zooclub where you bought a dog, or if it is far from that place, where do you live, in any film logical club nearby. Experts-consultants and professional dog handlers will examine and will draw the conclusion about your potential groom and will recommend it for the knittings to owners a bough which asked this question in club.

Participating in exhibitions, even in puppyish, you get acquaintances to potential brides and their owners. It is a fine opportunity to get acquainted in advance and to estimate couple exterior, without spending money for advertizing subsequently. Do not forget to exchange business cards with owners pleasant to you and your dog of brides. The Internet which even people for this purpose use perfectly is suitable for search of brides. The bigger number of viewings and, respectively, offers provide the usual popular websites, but not specialized film logical portals. The main thing is to place this advertisement in the necessary heading. Also do not forget to supply it with an effective photo and the description of advantages of your pet. In the description specify date of its birth, existence of a family tree and exhibition awards. By the way, it is simpler to find the bride for a German shepherd, it is a guard dog, and you with the dog will visit for certain a training course. Personal acquaintance can be started also on usual walk, owners of dogs, especially if they one breed, willingly make contact, not to mention dogs.

How to prepare a dog for knitting

Even if you constantly care for health of your dog and are sure that he is ill nothing, before knitting he will have to undergo thorough veterinary inspection. The same procedure will be undergone also by the bride. Both dogs will also have to make tests and to receive the confirming their health and readiness for knitting of the reference. Carry out expulsion of helminths - it is an indispensable condition too. Resolve with the owner boughs issues of payment. Happens oral agreements usually enough, but it is possible to confirm them, having signed the contract in which stipulate all moments and details.

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