How to fix a lead

How to fix a lead

About cats there was an opinion long ago that they walk in itself. Meanwhile many owners of thoroughbred animals do not want to release the favourites on the street without supervision and prefer to walk them on a lead as dogs. The lead needs to be fastened correctly, otherwise the cat simply will not wish to walk.

It is required to you

  • - breast-band;
  • - lead;
  • - cat.


1. Do not use for walks with a cat a collar. First, it will not be pleasant to your favourite. And secondly, the cat will perfectly slip out it as will never begin to do that to her not to liking. Therefore buy a breast-band. Cat's breast-bands are similar to those that put on small doggies. In pet-shops they are all grades and types so it is always possible to pick up suitable. Use a breast-band even for walks with cats of large breeds.

2. Put a breast-band on an animal. It is better to make houses, without gathering for walk yet. The cat has to get used to new conditions. The usual breast-band represents a ring and several belts. The carbine is attached to a ring. The size of a ring is regulated. Put on it a neck of your alumna and turn so that the carbine appeared on her withers. Then the crossing point connecting a collar to the belt clasping a trunk will appear on a breast. Adjust crossing point length.

3. Implant the right paw of a cat into an interval between a collar and "belt". "Belt" has to capture a breast of an animal. Button it under the left forepaw. Straighten all belts. They should not be overwound. Examine a collar that it did not draw a throat, but at the same time was not too spacious.

4. Before fastening a lead, let's a cat resemble a little in a breast-band about the room. It is possible that she will try to remove a subject, unusual for it. Let the animal will get used to a new state. If the cat too strongly is nervous, try to occupy her with something. With her it is possible to play or take, for example, her on hands and to stroke. Put on a lead only when the animal learns to go quietly in a breast-band. It can occur in several days so put on a breast-band more often.

5. When you see that the cat got used to a subject, new to it, put on a lead. As a rule, leads fasten on a small carbine which is passed in a ring. Carbines happen different designs. For fastening of a lead ordinary clasps for animals are usually used. It has the swivel which does not allow a lead to be overwound. Also other types of karbin can be used. Anyway track that it was strongly recorded.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team