How to frighten off snakes

How to frighten off snakes

Gardeners and owners of dachas often face very unpleasant problem – invasion of snakes. As a rule, ears, poloza and vipers become uninvited guests. If the first 2 views are still more or less harmless, then the viper is a venomous snake, and it is better to get rid of such neighbourhood. How to make it?


1. Get on the site family of hedgehogs. These lovely prickly small animals are natural enemies of snakes and can quickly save from them your site. It is interesting that especially aggressive hedgehogs become after taking alcohol. So the small saucer with beer will lift fighting spirit of fighters against snakes.

2. Dogs of special breed – an airdale help to struggle with creeping enemies. These aggressiveanimalscatch and smother both ears, and vipers so the problem can be solved soon. However observe precautionary measures that the dog did not bite neighbors, for example, muzzle on it. By the way, the ordinary cat can begin war with snakes too. She can strangle the wrecker and bring him to owners as a trophy.

3. You will destroy the places suitable for snake nests – dense thickets of a grass, a heap of garbage heaps or dead wood, the thrown tops of vegetable and heaps of leaves. The places which are also loved by snakes: compost pits, stubs, snags, manure heaps, heap of garden stock. In order to avoid stings at work on cleaning of the territory put on thick gloves and rubber boots.

4. Struggle with small rodents: moles, mice, rats. It is food of snakes and if to reduce a mouse livestock, then snakes will leave the site from a lack of a forage.

5. Snakes very strongly do not love swing of burned rubber and in general burned territories. Before a summer season burn an automobile tire at the dacha and protect it yourself from reptiles. At the same time observe measures of fire safety.

6. If you are sure that it is a little snakes, it is possible to try to hunt on them. Allure them milk and try to destroy any make-shifts, observing security measures. Let it also be inhumane, but it is about health you and your children.

7. If you were bitten by a snake, drink as much as possible liquid, try to suck away poison. Address to medical institution where to you will enter special antisnake serum.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team