How to get down from a horse

How to get down from a horse

As riding a horse is fine! Especially if to go to a horse campaign to the nature. Here, your horse joyfully carries you on the green valley, cutting the breast a counter cool breeze. Occasionally she shortens a stride and listens to surrounding sounds of the wood. Sometimes she absolutely stops to drink waters from a clean transparent reservoir. But, as soon as will see broad native lands, again darts off and flies over a high grass. That this wonderful trip had the favorable end, it is important to know how to get down from a horse.

It is required to you

  • Skills of riding a horse
  • Help of the skilled equestrian


1. In order that it is correct to get down from a horse, take out accurately both legs from a stirrup. Then take both occasions in the left hand. Further grasp with the same hand a horse mane, withers are slightly higher. Bend forward. Then put the right hand on a front part of a saddle that has the arch form. After that quietly get the right leg from a stirrup. Releasing a leg, as much as possible relax your body so that it slid on a back of a horse. Turn in knees accidentally not to injure a leg of your horse. Throw bridles and a whip in the right hand.

2. There is also other reception how to get down from a horse. At the beginning you need to rest the right hand against a saddle. Further extend the right leg and throw it through a croup of a horse. Try not to touch at the same time your animal as you are capable to hurt it and to put slight injuries. Put the right leg on the earth. Then take out the remained left leg from a stirrup. Connect both legs so that it was possible to lower the right hand without effort. If you have no sufficient experience of riding a horse yet, even do not try to get down independently from a horse. Always ask for the help the skilled equestrian.

3. For the pregnant girls and women who are especially on deadlines it is necessary to get down from a horse extremely carefully and that the most important, sometimes even without assistance. The help of other person can only do much harm to female health. It can also affect health of future child. Get down from a horse quietly. Undertake both hands a saddle. Bend a stomach forward. Ask that you somebody secured in case it will not be possible to go down and take out quietly a leg from a stirrup. Quietly go down. Try to watch always the physical shape, it will be very heavy to weak women to get down from a horse. Do not ride a horse without necessary skill, it can adversely affect a condition of your germ. Take care.

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