How to get rid of an ear tick

How to get rid of an ear tick

Otodektoz or ear tick appears at carnivores and is never given to the person. The first symptoms of ear itch is the concern of an animal, strong combing of an auricle and dark crusts in an ear. At the first symptoms of a disease it is necessary to undergo immediate inspection in veterinary clinic and to begin a long course of therapy.

It is required to you

  • - inspection of an animal;
  • - the medicines appointed by the veterinarian;
  • - processing of the room throughout all course of treatment.


1. If in time not to take a measure, there can be otitis of an inner ear and the animal will become deaf. On reception at the veterinarian to you will appoint scrape, cytology. On the basis of inspection the treatment will be written out. It is necessary to examine an animal as pincers there can be several types and general purposes for all animals will be inefficient.

2. Symptoms of infection can appear not only at adult cats or at a dog, but also at little kittens and puppies as the disease very infectious and is instantly transmitted from the nursing mother.

3. Modern medicines for treatment of a tick are effective, safe, help to destroy not only the tick, but also egg. Therefore the course of treatment reduced in comparison with use of medicines of old generation which did not affect eggs and was necessary to continue long therapy.

4. To your animal can appoint Ear Mite drops, the leopard, the dekt, dikrezit, deternol, to chicks, is given, fipronit, to otoveda, otoferanol, otokan, hexa-talp, otibiovin, nikokhloran.

5. Before dripping any written-out drops, wash acoustical passes with peroxide of hydrogen or chlorhexidiny. Carefully wipe with a cotton pad all ear, remove crusts and the crept-out ticks, dig drops, take an animal that they leaked, wipe ears a new disk.

6. In one hour grease an external ear with any acaricide ointments: sulfuric, sulfur-tar, ointment of Konkovo, Vilkensona or others. Before application of any means attentively study the summary.

7. Modern medicine tresaderm allows to cure a tick completely in 14 days. Ivomek appoint in the form of drops or injections, but some animals do not transfer him.

8. If you have several animals, then at the same time treat all irrespective of, there are manifestations of a disease or not. Except the main treatment carry out a degilmentization and apply on drop withers against fleas. All laying, a floor, process chloric solution. You carry out processing of habitats several times a day throughout all course of therapy.

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