How to get rid of an ear tick at a cat

How to get rid of an ear tick at a cat

If your cat often scratches ears and shakes the head, and in auricles you notice a dark raid, most likely, the animal is disturbed by an ear tick. These parasites cause to a cat a set of inconveniences and a debt of the owner is to save a pet from them as soon as possible. Modern medicines allow to cope quickly and reliably with a problem.


1. To get rid of an ear tick at a cat not easy. First of all it is necessary to clean ears as much as possible carefully. You need special lotion which can be bought in veterinary pharmacy. If there is no such medicine, use the peeled vegetable oil. Dip in it a Q-tip and carefully clean off crusts. Especially accurately act in ear pass. If crusts dried, drip in an ear a little lotion, massage a sink, and then start cleaning. Oil in ears should not be dug in.

2. That the cat was not scratched, wrap him in a terry towel. Fix paws of an animal - most likely, the pet will escape. Try not to cause to a cat of pain, however do not stop the procedure until ear pass is cleaned.

3. The next stage - treatment. For extermination of ticks produce many various medicines. It is more reliable than all means of new generation - the ear drops destroying ticks at all stages of development. Operate according to the instruction on packing. Usually it is required to let in each ear on couple of drops, and then, having inclined the head of an animal, to massage at the ear basis. Do not allow a cat to shake the head - medicine has to remain in ear pass.

4. In 2-3 days the procedure of cleaning and burying should be repeated even if it seems to you that there are no crusts in an ear any more. If crusts and purulent allocations there is still a lot of, carry out cleaning for the third time. If in the house there are other pets, carry out preventive processing and to them - the ear tick is very infectious and usually strikes all pets contacting with each other.

5. Instead of drops in ears it is possible to use the medicines which are applied on withers. They are especially effective as preventive measures. Such drops are ideal for the animals having free access on the street. They effectively destroy not only ear pincers, but also fleas and other skin parasites. Drip a little funds for withers - the animal should not have opportunities to pinch them. Repeated processing is not required - means works within several weeks.

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