How to get rid of an ear tick at cats

How to get rid of an ear tick at cats

The ear tick at cats is a tiny parasite who causes trouble to its carrier, and at worst leads to loss of hearing at an animal. At the first symptoms of this illness (the animal constantly combs ears or in his auricles appeared black dots and excess amount of sulfur) it is necessary to start treatment of your pet immediately.

It is required to you

  • - medicines for disposal of an ear tick (Amitrazin, Dekta, "Leopard", Amit, Tresaderm and similar);
  • - chlorhexidin or hydrogen peroxide;
  • - cotton pad or Q-tip;
  • - vegetable oil;
  • - garlic;
  • - ekhinatseya;
  • - bleaching powder solution.


1. If you have such opportunity, then carry the pet to the veterinarian. He will carry out necessary surveys: will make cytology, will take scrape from an animal. Only the veterinarian can define a species of an ear tick and to appoint the corresponding treatment for your pet, but not the standard complex of medicines which can do much harm to an animal. As a rule, the veterinarian will register a course of special ear drops which you without special work will be able independently to enter to the pet.

2. Use special medicines for disposal of an ear tick. Their big set. Medicines of new generation destroy not only the parasite, but also his egg. There are drugs as a part of which there is an antibiotic therefore besides extermination of a tick they in addition treat secondary bacterial infections and a fungus. Get in pharmacy of a drop: Amitrazin, Dekta, "Leopard", Amit, Tresaderm and similar. Before use of drops attentively read the instruction.

3. Before application of drops wash out auricles of a cat. Take chlorhexidin or hydrogen peroxide. Moisten a cotton pad or a Q-tip in one their these medicines and carefully clean both ears. Dig the necessary quantity of drops in ears (read the summary to medicine) and slightly massage them from outer side that drops were evenly distributed on walls of auricles of an animal. If drops accidentally got into a mouth to a cat, then let's it drink more milk.

4. Use ordinary vegetable oil (sunflower, olive, almond). Do not apply tea tree oil – it very dangerously to an animal. Take several garlic gloves and pound them. Add the crushed garlic to oil and leave for the night. Clean ears at a cat. Dig 5 drops in each ear opening. Repeat this procedure within one month once a day.

5. Strengthen immunity of the pet. Give to a cat ekhinatseyu. This plant will strengthen its immune system. Also you remember if you have in the house several animals, then it is necessary to treat all at once as an ear tick very infectious. And also take solution of bleaching powder and process all habitats of an animal. You carry out such cleaning daily throughout all course of treatment of your pet.

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