How to get rid of pincers at cats

How to get rid of pincers at cats

Many consider that ear pincers are a problem only of vagrant animals. But, unfortunately, even pets are not protected from this disease. Therefore it is extremely important to examine ears of cats regularly. In case in ears of an animal black dots, a large amount of the sulfur similar to flakes were found, then it is necessary to start treatment urgently.


1. At detection of ear pincers it is the best of all to bring an animal to veterinary clinic or to call the doctor on the house. At the same time the doctor will show you as the kitten needs to process ears correctly. But if there is no such opportunity, then you can help the favourite independently.

2. There are many means of fight against ear pincers, for example, Amit, Amitrazin, Dekta (the last medicine – the most poisonous therefore it is not recommended to be used at treatment of kittens). At first it is necessary to swaddle carefully an animal in a towel or a procedural bag, having left with outside only the head. Then, having delayed an ear up, bring a bubble tip to an opening and squeeze out one drop of medicine. After that bend an ear of a cat and slightly massage it that medicine did not pour out and did not get into eyes. Besides, you can use vaseline oil that the animal did not pinch poisonous medicine. If it after all occurred, then milk to the pet as much as possible.

3. Also animal it is possible to cure of an ear tick by means of oil. For this purpose dig three-five drops in an ear opening. Oil will destroy ticks and will make the calming impact on ears. The veterinarians practicing non-standard treatment recommend to use almond or olive oil (do not apply tea tree oil at all – it extremely dangerously to an animal). To enhance medical effect, it is necessary to wet for the night several pounded garlic gloves in oil. It is desirable to carry out such procedure within a month once a day.

4. Remember that dirt in ears of an animal can protect ticks from medicine. Therefore before digging oil it is desirable for cat to clean ears.

5. That pincers never returned, it is necessary to give to an animal ekhinatseyu. This plant strengthening the immune system will help a cat to struggle with parasites. It is desirable for Ekhinatsey to add to a diet of a cat within two weeks after treatment.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team