How to get rid of stray dogs

How to get rid of stray dogs

Stray dogs – the real problem of big cities. Gathering in packs, they quite often attack cats, children, and sometimes and just passersby. Shooting and generously scattered poisons - the cruel temporary measure which is not improving a situation


1. To constrain the number of neglected animals a problem of the state importance, but modern domestic methods do not meet the requirements of efficiency and humanity. What should I do? For a start think to whom dogs in the territory of your yard can prevent (garage cooperative, the enterprise). Look narrowly at grandmothers from the next entrance. Ask whether there were cases of attack of these dogs on people. And if were, then when in what circumstances.

2. If it is found authentically out that attacks were a victim the road in DUC (Directorate of the Uniform Customer), this service is engaged in housing and communal services and animals in its territory. They signed contracts with the private enterprises which are engaged in murder of dogs. Money for it is allocated by the state, from you only the written statement will be required.

3. If there is not a lot of dogs and they disturb nobody, then it is necessary to take care of that they died too much. Sterilization of a dog – not the cheapest pleasure, but efficiency of this method is proved. Territorial animals protect the site, without starting up foreign packs, and do not bring posterity. The stable domestic group remains within several years on joy to children and compassionate old women.

4. Not in all cities there are funds which take care of homeless animals on private donations, or the state shelters. If you did not find those in the city, try to contact zoodefenders - they willingly will support you and will help to raise funds.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team