How to get rid of worms at a dog

How to get rid of worms at a dog

As is well-known about 99% of dogs already at the birth or right after the birth are infected with worms. These parasites are especially dangerous during growth of a puppy in the first half a year of his life. Therefore it is very important to react to emergence of worms in a dog in time and to carry out treatment of your pet. Besides, it is regularly necessary to carry out prevention against emergence of worms. The most widespread parasites in intestines at a dog are big round and tape worms. How effectively to get rid of worms and not to allow their emergence further?

It is required to you

  • - tetrachlorethylene;
  • - arecoline hydrobromide;
  • - other degelmintiziruyushchy medicines.


1. Determine with what of species of worms your dog was infected. It is possible to recognize it by Kalou of a dog. Big round worms have the oval form and remind rice kernels. Tape worms often fragments leave a rectum and cause to a dog of naggers. It sits down on hinder legs and goes on a floor surface to appease the naggers.

2. If the dog is infected with round worms, buy tetrachlorethylene and orally conduct medicine in a dog at the rate of 1 ml on 500 grams of weight of an animal. Very important before drug intake within 20 hours not to feed a dog as this medicine, especially in interaction with fats enters chemical reaction and becomes very toxic and at hit in a liver can lead to the death of a dog.

3. If the dog was infected with tape worms, take arecoline hydrobromide and orally give medicine to a dog. As well as in a case with big round worms, the dog before the procedure of drug intake cannot be fed 18-20 hours.

4. Surely carry out disinfection of the dog place. Collect all kcal, wool, garbage which remained after a dog and burn it. Replace all rag floorings in the vacation spot of a dog, old boil within 20 minutes with addition of table salt.

5. Make the correct diet for a dog. Not to allow emergence of worms in a dog, it is enough to give her necessary vitamins and to keep places of the greatest presence of an animal clean. Periodically add to food garlic and sharp products (chili pepper, horse-radish, garden cress leaves), include a diet of a dog bran, rigid cellulose promotes creation of flora not suitable for life of worms.

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