How to give injections to a cat

How to give injections to a cat

Many owners of pets treat the pets as family members and very much worry if those get sick. They are ready to buy expensive drugs and to pay services of the best experts to cure the favourite. Veterinarians often appoint to cats and dogs subcutaneous or intramuscular injections. Most often it is a course of pricks, and carry a cat in veterinary clinic every day it can be problematic. Therefore information on how to give injections to a cat independently can be useful to owners of animals.


Preparation to ukoluodny of the most important points is training of an animal for the procedure. The cat needs to be put on a convenient surface, and be near to put its favourite delicacy. The syringe with medicine should be prepared in advance. Try to inject always at the same time and before the procedure give to an animal something tasty that prick time at it was associated with pleasant. You speak with the pet by an equal quiet voice, you praise a cat.

How to give injections to a cat hypodermically As soon as you see that the animal is quiet, take a fold on withers of a cat and delay it. A free hand it is necessary to take the syringe, then to enter a needle under skin. Surely make sure that the needle is in hypodermic space, but did not leave on the other side of a skin fold. If everything is all right, it is necessary to enter all medicine under skin. Movements have to be sure, but not sharp. Now it is possible to take out a needle and to tell the pet something tender. If you follow these recommendations, then will be able to give injections to a cat correctly.

Pay attention! - Choosing the place for a subcutaneous injection, look for it where skin can be collected easily pleated. It is area of shovels or a lower back of an animal. - It is recommended to collect skin pleated big and index by fingers of the left hand, and to hold the syringe the right hand. - It is necessary to stick a needle in the basis of a skin fold on 1-2 cm (depth depends on thickness of skin of an animal). - It is necessary to use disposable syringes and to throw out them right after a prick. - That it was easier to dose medicine, it is necessary to choose the syringe with a capacity which approximately corresponds to vaccine volume.

How to give injections to a cat intramuscularly to make to an animal an intramuscular injection, it is necessary to find muscles which are located behind a femur. The needle should be entered into thickness of muscles on depth of 1.5-2 cm. The corner to the surface of skin has to be slightly less direct. It is necessary to record an animal: put a cat on the right side, press hinder legs to a floor the right hand, and a front part – left. You hold a cat strong that she did not move at midpoint. It is necessary to inject in the thickest, fleshy part of a hip.

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