How to give injections to cats

How to give injections to cats

If the cat got sick, and the veterinarian prescribed him pricks, that best decision is to learn them to put independently. Not to carry the pet daily in veterinary clinic. The cat from such campaigns will be nervous, besides, frequentation of the doctor will demand a lot of time. Many owners inject to the pets.

It is required to you

  • insulin syringe.


1. Before a prick feed a cat, with a full and happy animal to carry out medical procedures much more simply. If the cat sleeps, then it is possible to wake him and at once to give an injection - sleepy, he will recover not at once, will not resist.

2. In advance prepare the syringe and gather in it solution for an injection. It is the best of all to use the insulin syringe as it has the thinnest needle.

3. Pricks for catsof happen of two types: hypodermic and intramuscular. For a hypodermic prick put a cat on a stomach. Then the left hand delay a skin fold on withers (around shovels or is slightly lower), and right take the syringe. Hold the pet that he did not escape, having suspected wrong.

4. Thrust a needle on 1.5-2 cm in a skin fold on withers, then carefully enter solution. Act quietly and surely, but you do not hurry. If the cat is nervous, calm him tender words. The needle has to enter under skin parallel to a backbone of a cat, but so that not to leave on the other side of a fold on a skin.

5. Intramuscular injections are given in a hinder leg. For this purpose put a cat on one side. An elbow of the right hand press hinder legs of a cat, the left hand record lobbies. Enter a needle into a thigh of an animal, into its thickest part. You hold a cat strong as it is rather painful prick, and the animal most likely will move. The needle has to enter approximately on 1.5-2 cm, at a small angle.

6. After a prick caress a cat, give it something tasty that he did not perceive an injection as punishment.

7. To work more surely, ask to show in veterinary clinic as well as what becomes. It is rather simple to give hypodermic injections, and here it is already more difficult than an injection in a muscle and pets react to them much more nervously.

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