How to give to a cat drontat

How to give to a cat drontat

As well as people, pets can suffer from various diseases. One of widespread illnesses are worms. Their presence is not always noticeable. They cause exhaustion in cats, slow down growth of young animals, spoil quality of wool. The immunity of cats weakens, giving access to infections. That it did not occur, it is recommended to carry out expulsion of helminths regularly. One of the most popular medicines for this purpose is Drontal.


1. The German company Bayer in the line of anthelminthic means developed special Drontal for cats. Active components a prazikvantel and pirantel-embonat, effective for fight with round and tape-worms are its part. One tablet "Drontal" is calculated on 4 kilograms of mass of an animal.

2. Weigh your cat. It will be simplest to make it as follows: take an animal on hands and get up on scales. Remember figure, and then be weighed without cat. Take away the second result from the first, and you learn the mass of an animal. It is much simpler to weigh a cat thus, than to try to hold her on scales.

3. It is not necessary to give to a cat of a tablet on an empty stomach – it is a strong irritant for intestines. For successful expulsion of helminths it is not important at all, tablets will be given to an animal to or after a meal.

4. Calculate necessary amount of medicine, proceeding from the mass of an animal. Drontal has unpleasant taste therefore you should not pound tablets with water. Take a cat on hands (if necessary ask someone from house to help you), open for her a mouth and put a tablet on a language root of an animal. Throw back it a muzzle up and stroke on a throat – it will help to cause a glotatelny reflex.

5. Crush tablets and mix with any delicacy. Special canned food will be suitable for cats as they possess a strong smell and taste. If you mix a tablet with usual food which you give to a cat every day, the animal can refuse food simply.

6. Expulsion of helminths should be carried out regularly. If your cat has no habit to try to discover to themselves food on the street or to investigate contents of your garbage can, in a year there will be enough two-three times. If you plan to knit an animal, it is obligatory to carry out expulsion of helminths in ten days before.

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