How to give to a cat of a tablet

How to give to a cat of a tablet

Our pets not only please us, but also cause sometimes concern and alarm. It can happen if the animal got sick, he needs to be treated, and you do not know as. The visit to the veterinarian solves little. The doctor will establish the diagnosis, will prescribe medicine, and before you there will be almost unsolvable task – to persuade a cat to eat a tablet.

It is required to you

  • - cat
  • - tablet
  • - butter
  • - assistant
  • - towel or blanket


1. Approach a cat, stroke her as she loves it, tell it couple of tender words, take on hands. If you already have an experience of feeding to a cat of a tablet, and you know for sure that it will resist, try to limit it in movements. It is possible to make it, having wrapped up an animal in a blanket or a thick towel. Especially you watch forepaws, the cat will try to release the first them.

2. If your pet (or the alumna) rather quietly react to the actions made with them, just put a cat on a smooth surface as which the polished surface of a table or laminate on a floor perfectly will approach.

3. Oil a tablet creamy or vegetable that that became more slippery.

4. Sit down on a floor, take an animal for withers, place it by yourself between knees and slightly press down to the earth. Open or ask the assistant to open a mouth of a cat, moving apart them, the head of an animal at the same time has to be cast away back.

5. Put a tablet on a root of language and immediately close an animal mouth. Holding a mouth closed, stroke a cat on a throat or blow her slightly in a nose. Having swallowed a tablet, the cat will begin to lick lips at once. It will serve as a signal that everything is made correctly, it is possible to release an animal.

6. If nothing is impossible to you, the tablet should be pounded, mixed with barmy extract and to grease with it small pillows of paws of a cat. The natural cleanliness to force a cat to lick paws and to eat, thus, medicine.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team