How to give to a dog an injection

How to give to a dog an injection

Ability independently it is useful to inject if the rate of medicines is shown to the pet or rendering the emergency help is required. Daily trips to clinic are not always available, it is better to give to a dog an injection in habitual conditions.


1. Prepare the syringe with solution. Take insulin syringes – the thin needle will lower unpleasant feelings. Prepare powder medicines consistently: - You gather liquid for solution in the syringe, you let out the air before emergence of a drop of medicine on a needle tip. - You enter solution into a bottle with medicine, getting a needle through a rubber stopper, you produce liquid and carefully you shake up mix. - Having turned a bottle, you incorporate ready solution in the syringe, slowly extending the piston. - You check lack of air in a bottle, pressing the syringe piston before emergence of a drop of medicine on a needle tip. Record and prepare a dog. Arrange an animal so that his head was up to your right hand, surely muzzle. A preferable pose – lying on one side. Inject drug.

2. Intramuscular it is possible to ukolsdelat an injection in a hip of a back extremity. Slightly clap, and then stroke a paw in which you want to prick. Having moved apart wool, process the place of a prick alcohol. Holding a paw for a shin, accurately enter a needle on depth of 1 cm, having the syringe it is perpendicular to the surface of skin, and slowly press on the piston, producing medicine. If to give to a dog an injection too deeply, then in the syringe blood will appear – in this case it is necessary to replace the place of a prick and to repeat the procedure.

3. Hypodermic injektsiyaukol are carried out around withers. Having moved apart wool and having disinfected the place of a prick, collect by a hand skin pleated and quickly enter a needle into its basis. After introduction of medicine take out a needle and slightly massage skin within a minute. To reduce medicine absorption time, it is possible to make an injection warmed up up to 38.5 medicine (if it does not contradict the instruction). Praise a dog and give her favourite delicacy.

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