How to give to drink to a guinea pig

How to give to drink to a guinea pig

Guinea pigs are very amusing animals. They do not make a lot of noise therefore they are often bought to small children. However, as well as other pet, due leaving is necessary for guinea pigs. One of these small animals making health is fresh water. It is necessary to give to drink to a guinea pig.


1. Sea pigs scientists carried to group of rodents. However unlike the last, they cannot be left long time without water. If you want your pig to be healthy and cheerful, think over this question in advance and buy a special drinking bowl.

2. The drinking bowl represents the device equipped with a special tip. Exactly here water arrives after passes through the filter. Adaptation also has special fastening. Place a drinking bowl so that the guinea pig could approach it without effort. If you let out the pet from time to time to take a walk about the room, rearrange a drinking bowl, having fixed it from outer side of a cage.

3. Surely you watch a condition of water. The guinea pig drinks much, but she needs only fresh water. Otherwise the animal can get sick. Remember that the small animal will not be able to let you know when water in a drinking bowl reaches a limit or when she develops a strange and unpleasant taste.

4. Availability of water in a cage during adaptation of a guinea pig to the new place is especially important. When you only bought an animal, surely provide it all best conditions: put a drinking bowl, put food, a hay nakidayta where the small animal can hide.

5. Also in life of a guinea pig there can come the period when because of problems with health the animal practically does not eat and does not drink. Do not neglect it at all, hunger means death for your pet. In most cases such aggravations happen during transition of spring to summer and falls to winter. You should leave the guinea pig independently. For this purpose make special lettuce puree, a dry feed and water. Carefully crush all this and give to an animal in the small portions by means of the syringe every 3-4 hour. Do not forget to give to drink to a guinea pig also. But be careful – give water to a small animal it is possible between, but not during feeding.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team