How to give to drink to rabbits in the winter

How to give to drink to rabbits in the winter

Cultivation of rabbits – quite fascinating process. But those who were engaged in it at least once for certain faced a problem of giving of drinking water an animal during the winter period. If on the street it is cold, water in bowls and drinking bowls simply turns into ice and rabbits cannot drink it. Really there is no exit? Certainly, is. Read attentively.

It is required to you

  • electric drinking bowl. boiler, ice or clean snow


1. Use pieces of pure ice or snow. Rabbits can perfectly use snow and even ice instead of water, in wild to the nature they not always have an access to water to winter time. You watch that animals had a continuous access to bowls in which there is clean snow or small pieces of ice and surely resupply if animals spend it. Show consideration for ice preparation – take only clear water. Snow in bowls needs also to be put only clean as health and health of rabbits depends on quality of the consumed liquid very strongly.

2. Use warm water and regularly change bowls at animals. During strong cold weather even hot water very quickly turns into ice and rabbits cannot use it. It is necessary to watch closely that in bowls constantly there was liquid water. And it demands a certain skill and diligence. Add an animal of warm water and you watch that they managed to drink before it rimes. At a hard frost sometimes it is required to bypass several times in a day all cages to provide animals with water in necessary quantity.

3. Get an electric drinking bowl for rabbits. Many krolikovoda make such devices independently, connecting several boilers of small power. But for work with animals it is the best of all to use the drinking bowl made by professionals, it will save you from undesirable electric shocks and will provide a uniform expense of the electric power. The device of such drinking bowl quite simple – a bowl or container with water is supplied with an additional layer of heater which interferes with fast cooling with atmospheric air, and along with it the heating element of a direct current which does not allow water to freeze is connected to a drinking bowl.

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