How to give vaseline oil to a kitten

How to give vaseline oil to a kitten

Lock – the artful piece striking not only people, but also pets. And if the person to facilitate the state, still can eat vegetables, sourcrout or prunes, all these products even violently cannot be pushed in a cat. Veterinarians register vaseline oil in such cases. But how it is correct to give it to the kitten?

It is required to you

  • - syringe without needle;
  • - scales.


1. Take a break in food until the animal does not descend in a toilet. If the lock proceeds not the first day, the kitten needs to be taken on a hungry diet. Happens so that cats also cease to eat or considerably lose appetite, but some absorb a forage with the same hunting, as in a healthy state. Remember that waste-free production does not happen. Everything that is eaten by an animal, surely has to come to light for now intestines have no opportunity to be cleaned independently, you should not aggravate a situation. Milk or water in a bowl have to be obligatory.

2. Calculate a medicine dose. The minimum quantity of vaseline oil for a single portion – 0.2 cubes on 100 grams of weight. It was simpler to measure, use the syringe without needle. One division of the syringe into 2 cubes will meet approximately standard on 100 grams of a kitten. Prepare that the animal without special enthusiasm will apprehend the feedings procedure of vaseline oil. The necessary dose can be broken into several receptions.

3. The best way to feed a kitten with medicine – to pick up and fast confident movement to inject it directly into a mouth from the syringe. However vaseline oil – not water therefore it is swallowed by a cat not at once. Keep in mind that if you give a large number at one time, it is necessary to give to an animal the chance to swallow it. You watch that the kitten did not begin to choke or choke. After everything is made, wash out the syringe and hands and wait for two hours. Drug intake at a strong lock needs to be repeated until the kitten does not descend in a toilet.

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