How to grow up a butterfly from a caterpillar

How to grow up a butterfly from a caterpillar

Business was in the winter. We found a live caterpillar in cabbage... It is possible to grow up from a caterpillar a butterfly on the example of Autographa precationis (metallovidka).

It is required to you

  • Caterpillar
  • Glass container with lid


1. To place a caterpillar in glass capacity, to close capacity so that not to interfere with free air circulation. To put several pieces of sheets of that plant on which or near which found a caterpillar in capacity. Daily leaves need to be changed for fresh. The caterpillar eats much. Constantly eats. The caterpillar will grow, get fat. Duration of this period depends on a species of a caterpillar. For an Autographa precationis caterpillar the period of growth lasts about two weeks.

2. Once there will come the moment when the caterpillar ceases to eat. It will be extended and will not be mobile. It is possible to put a fresh leaf, to put a rough stick in capacity, to fill a little sand. Caterpillars of different types form cocoons differently: are wrapped in a leaf, rise by a branch or are dug in in soil. The caterpillar begins to braid a body with a spider line. This process takes about two days for an Autographa precationis caterpillar. So in two days at the bottom of the capacity which contains a caterpillar it will be possible to find the cocoon shining brown color.

3. Duration of a phase of a doll is various for each species of caterpillars. For Autographa precationis the phase of a doll lasts seven-eight days. During this time future butterfly needs to provide a spacious glass rearing cage. It can be the big size an aquarium which will need to be covered with a frame from tense small, it is possible fabric, a grid. It will provide sufficient air circulation and lighting. It is possible to transfer capacity with a cocoon to the prepared rearing cage. When the butterfly leaves a cocoon, some time will be required to her in order that wings dried out and were straightened. It is not necessary to touch her, to try to accelerate process.

4. For food of a butterfly it is necessary to prepare sweet sugar or honey syrup. It has to be not really dense that the butterfly could drink it easily. To drip a little syrup near a butterfly, she will find food.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team