How to grow up a healthy dog

How to grow up a healthy dog

Beautiful, vigorous and cheerful dog - a dream of any owner. That your pet grew up it, it is necessary to choose a healthy puppy and to find a lot of time it for care of his health, food education.


1. Being going to buy a dog, do not take the first turned-up puppy. Having taken obviously weak pet, you strongly risk. Of course, sometimes, that painful cubs grow in quite full-fledged animals over time, but also more sad examples are frequent. Therefore choose the most vigorous and well well-fed puppy from a dung. Check ears, eyes, a condition of wool. It is desirable to make sure that the animal has no congenital pathologies.

2. Having bought a puppy, organize the correct diet. You can feed a dog with professional ready-made feeds or cook for her fresh food independently. The main thing is not to feed to an animal obviously inedible, deteriorated pieces. Do not give to a dog sharp tubular bones, fat and sharp products and sweets. All these delicacies can negatively affect her health and appearance. But vitamins are necessary for an animal. If your dog eatsof natural food, surely give it industrial vitamin dragees.

3. Do not forget about inoculations. Specify at the manufacturer when the animal has to be vaccinated. Strictly observe the schedule of inoculations which to you will be told by the veterinarian. Consider that the admission of the next injection is fraught with a serious illness, such as distemper or enteritis. From time to time give to a dog glistogonny medicines and you watch that she did not bring from the street of fleas or pincers.

4. Having noticed an indisposition, at once address the veterinarian. If the dog without the visible reasons refuses food or water, accepts strange poses and to seek to hide, perhaps, he begins to get sick. Day of delay can cost to an animal life. Serious infectious diseases at the first stage pass almost asymptomatically. But if you found a disease at an early stage, the chance to cure a dog will be quite high.

5. Find time for education of the pet. It is not obligatory to train a dog, but he has to acquire the main teams: "faugh" "to sit next", and "to me". It is the best of all to bring up the pet in the course of the game. Communicate with a dog more - the friendly, sotsializovanny dog is much more pleasant, than a spiteful and unsociable animal.

6. Observe the mode of walks. It depends on age and dog breed. Young animals have to walk much, they need the active movement, noisy games and jogs. Elderly dogs usually reduce exercise to a necessary minimum. A lot of things depend also on breed. For example, pugs or bulldogs do not love long festivities, and in the sun they can even have a heatstroke. At the same time setters, borzois or wolfhounds need intensive jogs and country walks at least once in a week.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team