How to grow up a parrot

How to grow up a parrot

Almost all parrots nest in bondage. But their different types need various conditions. Large – zhako, a cockatoo, macaws – seldom bring baby birds in bondage. Rosellas, annulate and other parrots of average size not bad breed in the open-air cage, especially if it is established in the open air. For small birds – nerazluchnik, azure, budgerigars, the spacious cage will approach.

It is required to you

  • - nested box;
  • - grain mixes;
  • - greens;
  • - carrots;
  • - apples;
  • - eggs;
  • - dry cottage cheese;
  • - cod-liver oil;
  • - pounded shells;
  • - crackers;
  • - dry or fresh ant eggs.


1. Parrots are monogamous. The fowls who formed couple are kept always together, distinguish the partner. When the copulated parrots begin "to send" others on a cage, it becomes clear that the nesting time comes. The best time for cultivation of baby birds of parrots – the period from March to October. Small types can breed during the whole year.

2. Transplant birds and disinfect a cage. Dry. Suspend a nested box. It is located from the outer side of a cage, closely to a special opening thanks to what its free area remains invariable. On a bottom of a box fill birch opilok.

3. At this time give the chance to parrots more to fly. It improves a metabolism that positively affects health of future posterity. Take care of that in a cage there was always enough grain mix, were present greens, vitaminno – mineral additives. From the first day of nesting it is desirable to enrich the main forages, mixing to them grated carrots, the crushed chicken yolk, dry cottage cheese, it is recommended to give a germinated forage. In 2-3 weeks the female lays eggs.

4. On average in a laying there are 4-5 eggs. Baby birds are born for 18-20 day. At first the male feeds a female, and she baby birds. In a week, food to baby birds is carried already by both parents. Sometimes it happens that the female refuses to feed baby birds. Without food they can sustain about 12 hours. For full development it is desirable to replace them to other female. For 7-8 day at baby birds eyes open. By the end of the third week they feather, at the age of 35-40 days leave a nest.

5. For feeding of young growth prepare soft and friable fodder mix. Mix 2 parts of the crushed crackers, 1 part of ant eggs, add carrots juice, grated apple, a little cod-liver oil and pounded shells. Damp, vitamin-rich weight turns out.

6. Carefully you watch purity of a cage as baby birds still badly understand food. Young parrots are otsazhivat after they begin to eat independently. Young parrots eat more, than adult birds, and need plentiful feeding. Sometimes parents expel young growth because the female is going to sit down on a nest again, however it is impossible to allow it.

7. For fertilizing of young growth prepare such mix: crush the hard-boiled egg, grate crude carrots and a few ground crackers. Add a dandelion, grated unsalted cheese, dry yeast, seaweed, glucose, children's dairy mix.

8. The main thing in food of young parrots are vitamins B the period of growth and puberty and the active movement. Their health and appearance substantially depends on it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team