How to grow up a rabbit of the house

How to grow up a rabbit of the house

Cultivation of rabbits in house conditions can be very favorable business. These animals are very prolific, and contents them does not demand considerable expenses of time and finance. The main task of the owner is to provide to an animal normal conditions for life and to protect the pet from possible diseases. Having accumulated brief experience of care for a rabbit, you can safely organize a small krolikovodchesky farm.

It is required to you

  • - cage;
  • - free space indoors;
  • - corresponding diet: hay, cereals, root crops, mineral additives, water.


1. Prepare a spacious cage which can quite be made most of improvised materials – scraps of boards, laths, thick plywood and the metal gauze. For a rabbit of the average sizes the sizes of the dwelling have to be about 900х600х500 mm. If you plan to get couple of animals, provide nested female compartment in a cage.

2. Choose the place for keeping of an animal. It is simpler to resolve this issue in a private or country house, there the cage can be placed on a verandah or under a canopy. In city conditions the warmed loggia or the glazed balcony will approach. Further, if you want to expand economy, it is possible to use a part of premises for contents. Certainly, it should not prevent normal accommodation.

3. Responsibly treat the choice of an animal. It is the best of all to buy a rabbit not in the market, and from professional krolikovodov-private or on specialized farms. It reduces risk to get the rejected or sick animal.

4. Organize healthy nutrition for a rabbit. Hay has to form the basis of a diet. It is the best of all to prepare a forage independently to exclude hit in food of poisonous plants. In the summer of a rabbit it is also possible to feed with a sun-burned grass, a clover, leaves of trees. Include grain crops in a diet: barley, oats and wheat. In addition give to an animal root crops and mineral salts. In a cage always there has to be fresh water. It is necessary to feed an animal not less than two times a day.

5. Support indoors where the animal, constant temperature contains, without allowing its sharp differences. Ventilation is required, but drafts cannot be allowed. In summertime of a rabbit it is possible to take out on fresh air, having taken care that the animal did not get under wind or a rain.

6. Seriously approach daily care for an animal. Rabbits very much love purity therefore the cage needs to be cleaned regularly. Add clear-out to daily establishing order, carrying out it at least once a week. At the correct and timely leaving the rabbit will grow at healthy and will quickly reach a maturity. If you want to find couple to the pet subsequently, then be ready that in a year the female can bring several dozen cubs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team